Roll 'em and Weep
Only $6.50

Parents, looking got an alternative way to discipline your child? Do you sometimes feel guilty for punishing your child or have trouble deciding on a punishment? Worry no more! The Roll ‘em and Week dice are designed specifically to handle those tricky situations. The dice serves as an interactive method to decide on a punishment when your child misbehaves.

By giving the option to roll the Roll ‘em and Weep dice, children leave their faith up to chance. This product is designed to leave out the “That’s not fair” factor, resulting in a mutual understanding of the punishment.

Children are more likely to learn in positive situations, therefore, participating in the disciplining process could help your child learn from his/her mistakes.

Our goal is to establish a more interactive and fair way of discipline so children will hold less animosity towards their parents. We encourage you to use our product at your discretion, after all you are the one in charge.

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